Chiang Mai City

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Chiang Mai University School of Public Policy (SPP) is strategically situated 700 km. (435 miles) north of Bangkok, at Thailand’s second capital city of Chiang Mai. Dynamically comprised of ancient and modern paradigms, this city is an ‘urban lab’ for comprehending the melting pot of urbanization phenomena that are also ensuing throughout Asia’s secondary cities.

Considered the “jewel of the north,” Chiang Mai’s centuries of layered cultural heritage are evidenced by a centralized mote edged with the crumbling brick wall prior used for repelling regional invaders. Traditional rural agrarian life personifying the cultural heart-center of Thailand’s peoples is still being exhibited by farmers laboring verdant and expansive rice fields. UNESCO has designated Chiang Mai as a ‘creative city,’ and also placed it on the tentative list for world heritage inscription.

Chiang Mai is a trendy municipality. The sufficiently affluent can access an array of amenities also including an affordable lifestyle involving abundant nature, local and fusion foods, a vibrant nightlife, as well as health and wellness inlets, among other favorable aspects. This hub, well-connected regionally and globally, is a top-destination for both tourism and long-stay retirees. Universities and innovations hubs are also being invested in here. Even digital nomads working online as part of a post-modern global market system are flocking to this meeting point. 

SPP, while delving into this city’s dynamics as a research and public policies consulting organization, is offering this urban lab classroom to its ‘pracademic’ students. While observing the marvels transpiring in this world area, they become deeply exposed to the root issues, and the actors, connected with this diversified spectrum of development phenomena. Students equipped with holistic understanding of how sound public policies can be crafted and utilized for inclusive, innovative, and progressive solutions to our world’s most topical and prominent problems.