research work

We conduct research on public policy issues critical to sustainability. Our approach is multi-scale, from the determinants of pro-environmental behavior of individuals, through the regional opportunities and challenges created by urbanization and innovative technologies, to global problems such as climate change. Our approach is pluralistic and inter-disciplinary: we recognize the value of adopting multiple methods and alternative theoretical frameworks for understanding the politics of policy formulation and change. Ultimately, our interest is in influencing practices and outcomes so we are also interested in research that engages directly with affected stakeholders and responsible decision-makers, goals that require attention to deliberative processes and collaboration.

List of our on-going research work

  • Learning from experiments of deliberative processes: the case of haze in Thailand
  • The nexus of policy communication and human behaviour: case of urban water experiment
  • Systematic review of deliberative processes around the world
  • The utility and limitations of online public participation
  • Role-play and digital platforms for decision-making
  • Deliberative mechanisms for policy analysis
  • Evidence-based vs. superstition-based policy-making in Asia
  • The role of narratives in public policy: what do we know?
  • New generation of policy analysts: collaborative expertise, mini-publics, facilitators
  • Socio-cultural context and the possibilities of deliberative democracy in Thailand

Research Grants

International Development Research Centre