Chiang Mai University School of Public Policy
in collaboration with National Innovation Agency, Thailand

Training Overview

Foresight literacy will help executives and managers be better prepared for the
uncertainties of the future, which includes impacts of technology, pandemics, and
climate change. This training program is for public sector policy analysts in the fields
of education, workforce management, innovation, economic development. The course
is designed for 20-30 participants, who wishes to have new approaches for policy
designing, leadership, and decision-making that is future ready. Participants should
have 5-10 years of working experience, is responsible for policy analysis and strategic
planning of public sector organizations in Thailand.

Our Approach
The program is designed to immerse participants in the field of future studies and
foresight analysis. The aim of the program is to help build capacity for up-coming
public sector leaders to have foresight and able to make decisions under uncertainties
and risks. At the same time the program will inspire participants to take desirable
futures into their own hands, to lead life with a purpose, and to enhance their selfesteem. All of these qualities will help groom transformative leaders, with Future
Thinking skills, that Thailand needs.
Our pedagogy puts participants at the center by focusing on the learning process, and
not the teaching by instructors. All sessions will be facilitated interactively. Participants
will have ample time for workshop-style learning, peer-to-peer exchange, and
practicing of emotional intelligence techniques.