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MA : Independent Study


5 Compulsory courses (15 credits)

  • Public Policy and Governance
  • Economics for Policy Analysis
  • Research Design and Methods for Public Policy
  • Decision Support System and Data Analytics for Public Policy
  • ​Policy Narratives, Negotiation, and Communication

5 Elective courses choosing from 4 tracks (15 credits)

  • Urban Policy Track
  • Environmental, Energy, and Climate Policy Track
  • Digital and Governance Policy Track
  • General Track

Total : Coursework (30 Credits)

Thesis/Independent Study

Independent Study (6 credits)

Total credits

36 credits

Duration of study

1 year


330,000 THB

Thesis/Independent Study
Total credits
Duration of study
Fee/ course

MA Course Outline

950701 : Public Policy and Governance

The importance of public policy, Introduction to wicked & complex problems, Problem identification and framing a scope, Public policy processes in theory and reality, Decision-making processes for policy-makers, Policy design and branding, Policy eco-systems and subsystems, Political implications in public policy, Stakeholder analysis and management, Policy management and administration, Sustainable development goals and public policy.

950702 : Economics for Policy Analysis

Introduction to Economics and Public Policy, Development Economics and growth policy, Behavioral Economics for public policy, Economics of governance, Fiscal and monetary policy, Economic recession and financial crisis, Project feasibility and project evaluation, Economic impact assessment

950703 : Research Design and Methods for Public Policy

Nature of applied science and public policy, Designing social research, Research questions and purposes, Strategies for answering research questions, Concepts, theories, hypotheses, models, Literature reviews, Sources and selection of data, Data collection techniques, Data analysis techniques, Research validity, reliability, and ethics, Writing up research, Sample research designs in public policy

950704 : Decision Support System and Data Analytics for Public Policy

Introduction to Decision Support System and Data Analytic, Decision Making Theory, Decision Support System with Spread Sheet, Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) in Public Policy: Analytic hierarchy process, Data Analytic and Intelligence System, Advanced Intelligent Systems and Guest Lecture: The case of People Express

950705 : Policy Narratives, Negotiation and Communication

Introduction to policy narratives, Role of policy narratives in policy processes, Public policy and discourse analysis, Politics of policy narratives, The strategic use of policy narratives in practice, Public policy and negotiations, Public policy and negotiations in practice, Policy communication and branding, Policy communication in the era of information technology

Urban policy track

950711 : Fundamentals in Urban Studies under Global Perspective

Introduction: the brief history of urban studies, The fundamental concepts: from technical to multidisciplinary, The recent issues in urban studies, The new urban crisis and opportunities, Classic case studies

950712 : Urban Planning and Design for Policy Makers

Introduction to Urban Planning and Design, and Planner and Designer Roles, Urban Definition, Human Settlements, Urban Origins, Urban Evolution, Urban Culture and Society, Urban Quality of Life in Urban design, Public Space and Public Life, Cities in the Global Context, Global Cities, Global Economy and Localism, History of Planning, Models of Planning, Planning Types and Styles of Planning, Conflict of Interest, Priorities, Debates in Planning, Planning Process, Levels of Planning and Locational Theory, Planning into Practice and Implementation

950713 : Urban Habitation and Housing Policy

Housing Definition, its role and stakeholders, Housing as driver of urbanization and shaper of neighborhood, Slum and intervention into housing, Housing and discrimination, Trends shaping housing, planning and policy interventions: community land trust, inclusionary zoning, creating diverse communities, and new urbanism, Demographic shifts, mismatches housing supply, deficient resources, and climate change

950714 : Sustainable Urban Management and Governance

Course introduction to Sustainable Urban Management and Governance, Project and Process Management for Urban Development Theory and Practices, Sustainable urban development Concept and Practices, Different indicators of sustainability in evaluations of urban development projects, Elaborate and motivate forms of collaboration between important stakeholders for the development of sustainable solutions in the urban environment, Knowledge and arguments associated with the subject matter in dialogue with various parties

950715 : Sustainable Cities

Study of relationship between Sustainable Components and Urban Development, Typology of Urban Development, Urban Architecture and cultural Landscape, Contemporary Urban Architecture and City Development, Sustainable Concepts, Strategies, and Guidelines for Urban Development, Land Use and Transportation Planning, New Urbanism and Smart Growth, Transit Oriented Development and Transit Design, Implementation of Design concepts for Sustainable Cities

950716 : Urban System and Techniques for Policy Makers

Introduction to System and Complexity: Walking and watching cities, Social System Dynamics: Population and Economic, and City growth and urban models, Physical System Dynamics: Water, Transport, Energy, etc., Scenarios and scenario analysis: Game theory, simulation, and complex behaviors

950717 : Cities Sports and Tourism

City and the World today, City life, Traveling, and Mobilities, The City as a Special Place, Sports and Urban Life, Sports, Public Place, and City Revitalization, Arts in the City, Museum and Tourism, Neighborhoods, Communities, and Suburbanization, City dwellers, Travelers, and the Tourists in Global city, Sports, Tourism and City Development in the Global Age

Environmental, Energy, and Climate Policy Track

950721 : Environmental Policy

Introduction to Environmental Politics and Policy, History of Global Environmental Change, Environmental Impact of human Activity, Seminar on Global Environmental Change and Case study, Institutional Setting of Environmental Policy, Air Pollution and Policy, Water Pollution and Policy, Ground Pollution and Policy, Biodiversity and Forest Conservation, Seminar on Pollution Control and Environmental Conservation, Environmental Law and Institution, Environmental Economic Tools, Environmental Risk Assessment, Comparing Environment Policymaking around the World, Energy and Environment

950722 : Global Climate Policy

Introduction to Climate Change and Its Relationship with Science and Society, The Emergence and Politicization of Climate Science, Institutionalisation and Governance of Climate, Economic and Development Challenges of Climate Change, Lay worldviews, perceptions and knowledges of Climate Change, Media Reporting of Climate Change, The Future Roles of Climate Experts, Institutions and the Public

950723 : Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Policy

Climate Mitigation Policy: History and Our Scenarios, Emission Trading Scheme – Cap and Trade Approach, Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Accounting, Climate Mitigation Program and Urban Development, Examples – Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, Carbon Tax Scheme, and nationally determined contributions (NDCs), Carbon Market and Finance Workshop, Conceptual History and Policy Framework of Climate Adaptation, Adaptation, Vulnerability, Disaster Risk Reduction, Resilience and Transformation, Mainstreaming Climate Adaptation in Development, Overcoming Barriers to Adaptation: Thresholds, Values and Governance, Workshop and Presentation: Designing Policy for a Low Carbon and Resilient Community

950724 : Energy Policy

Introduction Energy system and development, Imbalance resource allocation, Energy supply, Energy demand, Energy markets, Securing energy system and policy measures, Policy and planning of energy efficiency and conservation, Assessing energy policy

950725 : Natural Resource Management

Historical / current issues and practices, Soils, Water, Basic ecological principles, Forest ecology and management, Coastal ecology and management, Global change biology, Wildlife ecology and management, Ecosystem goods and services

950726 : Natural Disaster Management

Concepts of natural disasters and these multiple related causes and impacts, Concepts of integrated natural disaster management, Principle and process of natural disaster management, Analyses of potentials and limitation of natural disaster monument from Thai cases, Synthesis from cases studies for natural disaster management policies at national to community

Digital and Governance Policy Track

950731 : E-Governance

An overview of e-Governance, Roles of ICT in good governance, Benefits of e-Governance, Types of e-Governance, Models of e-Governance, Social media and governance, Policy framework for facilitating in e-Governance, Current issues and trends in e-Governance, Case studies of e-Governance in practices

950732 : Digital Society and Governance

Overview of digital society, Internet of things in the networked world, Roles of big data in society, Smart city development, Privacy and digital society, Theorising digital society, Current issues and trends of digital society, Case studies of digital society practices

950733 : Intellectual Property Management

Creations of Intellectual Properties, Acquisition of Intellectual Properties, Modern Intellectual Property Rights– Copyright and Related Rights, Patents, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, Geographical Indications, Layout-Designs of Integrated Circuits, Plant Variety Protection, Traditional Intellectual Property Rights – Traditional Knowledge, Folklore, Biological Diversity, Planning for Intellectual Property Rights, Misuse of Intellectual Property Rights, Monopolization using Intellectual Property Rights, Dispute Resolutions and Litigations of Intellectual Property Rights, Intellectual Properties and International Trades

950734 : Social Media and Public Policy

Globalization, Modern technology and the political, economic and social changes, Online social media and the political participation in the digital communication age, The case study of online social media and the civil politics in Thailand by the instructor, The case study of online social media and political participation by the student, Using social media for public policy making and public relation, The case study on online social media and the IOT in for bureaucratic administration, Presenting social media innovation for policy making process, Conclusion and trend on the study of online social and public policy making

950735 : ICT Literacy for Policy Makers

Basic knowledge of Information Technology, Globalization and Information Technology, Practice using software to aid brainstorming activity on the Public Policy making research topic, Practice using software and mobile device to aid field data collecting, Practice using software to aid qualitative data analyzing, Practice using software to aid quantitative data analyzing, Creating citation with computer software, Creating e-Research by using computer software, Presenting research finding in the form of Webinar, Presenting research finding in the form of Online Video Presentation

950736 : Virtual Sphere and Public Policy

Definition, background and development of “virtual reality” and “virtual sphere”, Approaches to know how to divided public and private in virtual sphere. Political Economy policy and Communicative capitalism, state and surveillance policy in democracy of public sphere, Virtual cultural policy of good sharing and collective experiences of sensation, Formulation policy coping with conflicts and resistance, Case Study of European and US policy -making for virtual sphere, Case Study of Middle East policy – making for virtual sphere, Case study of China policy -making for virtual sphere, Case Study of Southeast Asia policy – making for virtual sphere

Other Elective Courses

950741 : Systems Modeling for Public Policy

Introduction to System Modeling for Decision Makers, System Thinking in Public Policy and Static Modeling Method Concepts : Problem definition and model purpose, building theory with causal loop diagrams. System Dynamic Modeling: Building a model, Dynamics of stocks and flows, linking feedback with stock and flow structure, and Analyzing Systems and Creating Robust Policies, Guest Lecture: Modeling in A Practical World, Interactions of Operations, Strategy, and Human Resource Policy: The case of People Express

950742 : Gender and Development Policy

From women to gender: development of the gender and development studies, Sex, Gender, Gender’s role, and gender equality. Theoretical perspectives of gender and development. The United Nations’ policy on gender equality (the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women and the Sustainable Development Goals), Education policy, Health/maternal health policy, Work policy, Legal and civil rights, Property rights. Society and culture, state mechanism for promoting women’s rights

950743 : Environment, Social and Health Impact Assessment

Background, concept, law, policy and the steps of environment impact assessment (EIA), social impact assessment (SIA) and health impact assessment (HIA), screening, scoping, impact analysis, mitigation, impact management, reporting, evaluation, decision Making and case study, also integration between EIA, SIA and HIA

950744 : Smart Evaluation for Public Program and Policy

Policy dynamics and logics of evaluation appropriateness, Ethical dimensions of policy evaluation. Reframing policy problems for smart evaluation. Policy research and tools for smart policy evaluation. Case study of smart evaluation for policies and programs

950798 : Independent Study

950799 : Master's Thesis

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