Message from Director

Dr. Ora-orn Poocharoen
Director, School of Public Policy

As 2023 draws to a close, the School of Public Policy (SPP) at Chiang Mai University takes pride in a trove of achievements demonstrating our relentless pursuit of excellence and our tangible impact on society.
We heralded the year with the publication of “Policy Analysis in Thailand,” a pivotal work that delves into our nation’s policy analysis evolution and current practices. This seminal text documents our history and sets the course for a future underpinned by informed critical policy analysis.

Our international presence was bolstered by the honor of being chosen to host the International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP7) in 2025 by the International Public Policy Association (IPPA), and the success of the Winter School on Public Policy this November, which convened 29 emerging scholars on our campus for a transformative week of dialogue and learning with IPPA-related top scholars.

Our academic reach has expanded through a double-degree program with Northern Illinois University and a new MOU with the University of the Philippines Cebu, illustrating our commitment to global academic exchange.

We congratulate three PhD graduates whose scholarly pursuits have now reached fruition, ready to contribute to the global discourse. SPP remains dedicated to being an influential force within Thailand and internationally.
In collaboration with the NESDC, we have embarked on a critical mission to scrutinize and reshape the public policy ecosystem, targeting the reduction of inequality and fostering inclusive growth.

Embracing our Climate Action mandate, we have zeroed in on the coffee sector, advocating for sustainable transitions that reconcile environmental stewardship with agricultural prosperity.

The Digital Rights and Policy in Asia Conference (DRAPAC), partnered with Engage Media, has furthered our dedication to digital governance, freedom of expression, and human rights.

The Myanmar Re-imagined Initiative (MRI) through the Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar (K4DM) program continues to resonate powerfully within this region as we all strive for peaceful democratic transitions.

Our foresight training programs, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, the National Intelligence Agency of Thailand, and other key agencies, have set new standards of excellence. Our work envisioning the future of Thailand’s justice system with the Thailand Institute of Justice stands out as a beacon of policy innovation.
Thailand’s recent elections have signaled a new era of progressive discourse, with vigorous debates enriching the public policy landscape on issues ranging from social welfare to the military’s role in governance. We are excited about the country’s future and are ready to continue influencing new discourses, shaping and reshaping policy narratives, and steering the direction of policy ecosystems.

I extend my deepest gratitude to the University Council, our President and all Vice Presidents, the Governing Board, faculty, staff, partners, students, and alumni. I want to thank our donors especially. Your unwavering support has provided scholarships and funding events that create lasting impact.

As we look ahead, the School of Public Policy is more committed than ever to spearheading pivotal engagements that shape the public policy ecosystem and nurture our academic community for years to come.

The School of Public Policy, Chiang Mai University

As the first public policy school in Thailand, we offer a robust graduate and PhD program in public policy while also providing transformative research, policy briefs, and innovative consultancy services.

Our Vision

To be the critical policy hub of collaborative platforms for a just, sustainable future.

Our Mission

1. To train scholars and practitioners

SPP’s students grow toward an acquired capacity for seeing critically beyond known facts that merely support the status quo worldviews and socio-political systems. They understand the intersectionality of deep-rooted public problems and how we are all part of this global dynamic.


2. To generate top quality research

SPP support the idea of well-informed public policies crafted from deliberative platforms that include citizens in the decision-making process and leave nobody behind. We, therefore, produce research and policy briefs that can help enhance public policy decisions in the areas such as urban management, digital society and governance, environment and energy policies.

3. To shape new discourses

In this everchanging world, it is imperative to understand changes in realities of people’s history, communities’ socio-political structures, and belief systems. Thus, SPP strive to advocate for new discourses that shape and reshape our understanding and practices of public policy processes in the world.

Meaning of our Logo

Our logo is a simplified representation of three images: a fingerprint, a tree trunk, and the universe.

The fingerprint symbolizes that our unique approach to policy study and analysis incorporates being innovative and inclusive. Partners that we work with or projects that we work on will be left with our DNA.

The annual ring symbolizes our concern for the environment. Our work focuses on sustainability and resilience, as we grow and accumulate experience it will show in the sophistication and maturity of our thoughts, theories, and practice.

The universe is a perfect system made up of imperfect artifacts and sub—systems. Which is much like the policy universe. There are always areas to tweak and improve. The idea is to trust our knowledge, intuition, and allow for complexities to play its course, while having agency to change where we can.



Ocean Blue symbolizes the wide and deep connection of the public policy discipline to the world of knowledge and leadership in a combined streams of an interdisciplinary and deep public policy thinking and analysis.

Lime green represents innovative, inclusive, and transformative ideals that the School of Public Policy embodies as hallmarks of progress and sustainability based on mutual respect amongst all things in a world that necessitate ecological, psycho-social, and cultural balance.

The dash of orange represents to flower called flames of the forest, which is. the symbol of our university and Chiang Mai City. It is where we are located, and we are very proud to be part of this wonderful community.

SPP Organization Chart

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