Message from Director

Dr. Ora-orn Poocharoen
Director, School of Public Policy

In 2022, the School of Public Policy at Chiang Mai University continued to grow from strength to strength. We made impacts in the areas of climate change, urban innovation, food security, and public policy analysis innovations. Our partners grew in numbers and quality of engagement. We are most proud of our graduate students who worked hard to achieve good quality research work in the form of academic publications and policy briefs. We assisted our Burmese friends in policy capacity building and policy advocacy work. We did all this while the world faced hardship due to the war in Ukraine, the violent conflict in Myanmar, rising economic hardships, and the unforeseeable effects of climate change. Despite all the challenges, the world is slowly recovering from the global pandemic; youths are projecting stronger voices to secure their future; civic innovations are better supported; planetary and holistic well-being is given more importance than before. Thus, we see hope and know that with resilience, grit, determination, and authentic collaboration, we can help steer societies to be healthier, safer, and fairer for all.

In 2023, we will continue to be the collaborative platform to foster policy innovations in climate adaptation, energy, food security, urban governance, digital democracy, transboundary issues, and holistic well-being. We look forward to working with everyone.

We want to thank Chiang Mai University Council members, the University President and his team of Vice Presidents, our Chair of the Governing Board and board members, our faculty members, affiliated faculty members, the ‘cabin crew’ team, research fellows, research assistants, and all the key partners that we worked with in 2022 for your continuous support to our mission in creating a just sustainable future for all.


The School of Public Policy, Chiang Mai University

As the first public policy school in Thailand, we offer a robust graduate and PhD program in public policy while also providing transformative research, policy briefs, and innovative consultancy services.



Our Vision

To be the critical policy hub of collaborative platforms for a just, sustainable future.


Our Mission

1. To train scholars and practitioners

SPP’s students grow toward an acquired capacity for seeing critically beyond known facts that merely support the status quo worldviews and socio-political systems. They understand the intersectionality of deep-rooted public problems and how we are all part of this global dynamic.



2. To generate top quality research

SPP support the idea of well-informed public policies crafted from deliberative platforms that include citizens in the decision-making process and leave nobody behind. We, therefore, produce research and policy briefs that can help enhance public policy decisions in the areas such as urban management, digital society and governance, environment and energy policies.


3. To shape new discourses

In this everchanging world, it is imperative to understand changes in realities of people’s history, communities’ socio-political structures, and belief systems. Thus, SPP strive to advocate for new discourses that shape and reshape our understanding and practices of public policy processes in the world.


Meaning of our Logo

Our School of Public Policy is right at the edge of the horizon, which symbolizes that we work on frontier policy issues. We strive to raise forward the boundaries of problem definitions and innovative solutions. We work on globally important topics that is of relevance to the international community of scholars and practitioners of public policy.

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