Tuition Fee for MA

330,000 THB (1 year)

Tuition Fee for PhD

480,000 THB (3 years) or 720,000 THB (4 years)

Scholarship Eligibility

Students may apply for financial supports from CMU and/or SPP within the deadlines.

CMU TA/RA Grants

Chiang Mai University provides TA/RA grant for Thai and international students. The grant includes month allowance as 9,000 THB in an exchange of working as Teaching assistant or Research assistant for at least 6 hours per week but not exceeding 9 hours per week. The applicant can apply for both CMU Presidential Scholarship and CMU TA/RA Grants, but they will be selected to receive only one type which they meet the criteria the best.

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Thailand International Postgraduate Programme: TIPP

Thailand International Postgraduate Programme (TIPP) is the scholarship under the Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA) sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand. Only international students are eligible to apply.

CMU-School of Public Policy is one of the organizations that has been selected to receive up to 10 scholarships for students interested in studying at the Master’s degree in Academic Year 2021. This scholarship application process is done through TICA exclusively.

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CMU-SPP TA/RA Scholarship

Thai and international students with an outstanding academic performance and research topics relevant to the core research interest of the School of Public Policy are eligible for the Chiang Mai University School of Public Policy TA/RA Scholarship.

The scholarship covers partial tuition fees for the Master and PhD students. The workload as Teaching assistant and Research Assistant vary from 15-20 hours per week depending on the amount of tuition fee they are granted. The application process is done internally at CMU-SPP by which the SPP set up its own committee and application dates.