Factsheet: Digital Track (Stream 3)

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In the past decade, the world has observed exponential growth and development of digital technologies; most of which have permeated into many aspects of people’s lives, including the way we interact in the political sphere. In this way, the discussion of rights and governance against the backdrop of digitalization becomes crucial. In Southeast Asia, the exchange of knowledge and understanding about digital rights and digital governance among different stakeholders seems to be lacking due to various challenges faced by practitioners, advocates, and scholars in the region. Moreover, this region, collectively speaking, has one of the most unique digital transformations as a result of chronic political volatility. That being said, the region also has many socio-economic potentials waiting to be activated. As such, the School of Public Policy, Chiang Mai University (SPP) seeks to be a part of this regional progress by offering its expertise in public policy as well as providing a forum for knowledge sharing, capacity building, and networking for like-minded people through Digital Track (Stream 3) of the International Winter School on Public Policy 2023 in partnership with the International Public Policy Association (IPPA).



  • Capacity building: This will be the first Winter School of Internet in this region that incorporates public policy into its curriculum, strengthening participants’ knowledge for advocacy in tandem with technical skills.
  • Networking: Allows participants to connect with like-minded-yet-diverse crowd working in broad range of topics about digitalization


Format of the Program

Stream 3 of this Winter School is emphasising on digital-related topics. Each day, participants will spend their morning learning about public policy from different approaches such as foresight, policymaking process, negotiation and effective communication from experts in the areas as selected by SPP and IPPA, a co-host organisation. Then, the afternoons will be dedicated to thematic discussions about digital development in the context of Southeast Asia. This part of the day may also include workshops and training that seek to strengthen participants’ technical skills as necessary. For instance, localization of resources and tools for digital advocacy will be one of the options. Upon acceptance to the program, participants will also be asked to prepare a brief presentation about their respective country’s digital landscape as a part of the knowledge sharing schemes. Throughout the day, participants are encouraged to network and brainstorm among themselves and guest speakers about their research/policy brief, which will be the key deliverables from this program. Table below outlines the tentative schedule of the course.


Networking dinners are sponsored by IDRC, an institutional partner of SPP, as a part of the introduction to its annual event called Knowledge for Democracy Marketplace (K4DM). K4DM will be held on December 2-3, 2023 in Chiang Mai. Winter School participants are invited to stay on and join the event.



To start the application process, please visit https://www.ippapublicpolicy.org/summerschool/winter-school-chiang-mai-2023/47.