Independent Study TitlePolicy interventions to cope with the COVID-19: The comparative study of Italy, Taiwan, and South-Korea
AuthorMiss Naw Htoo Gay Paw
DegreeMaster of Arts (Public Policy)
AdvisorAsst. Prof. Dr. Piyapong Boossabong


Coronavirus (COVID-19) has become the global problem that every country needs to cope with since the World Health Organization announced it as the serious pandemic after the outbreak taken place in Wuhan, China from December 2019. This research adopts comparative policy analysis in determining the variety of policy instruments including public, non-public and collaborative interventions employed by Taiwan, Italy and South-Korea to handle the situations at hands. This research found that different interventions helped coping with the facing challenges differently. Whether each instrument was operated properly depending on some conditions. With the exploration of multiple policy interventions, this research proposes the policy bank for other countries to learn from and think further about possible policy transfers.

Keywords: COVID-19, comparative policy analysis, policy intervention, policy transfer, pandemic, sustainable development goal

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