Independent Study TitleYangon’s Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Management in the Lens of 3Rs Principles
AuthorMr. Ko Ko Gyi
DegreeMaster of Arts (Public Policy)
AdvisorAsst. Prof. Dr. Piyapong Boossabong





The study aims at presenting current situation of municipal solid waste management of Yangon and current practices 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle) practices in Yangon. The study tries to explore the current key challenges of municipal solid waste management in Yangon and the extent of 3Rs principles play critical roles in managing solid waste sustainably in Yangon. Regarding the methods, the study is undertaken and examined with secondary data published by various organisations such as government documents and different research organisations. It was found that the current waste management in Yangon does not adopt sustainable disposal practices. Instead, most residents easily mixed various waste including wet and dry waste materials in the same bag. Moreover, Yangon municipalities does not introduce effective 3R practices among the public. With this, this study recommends that the municipalities need to take a lead by collaborating with private companies and consumers in adopting 3Rs principles and assimilating them into lifecycle practices.


Keywords: Solid waste management, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Municipality

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