Independent Study TitleTowards Sustainable Water Provision for All: Analyzing Policy Options For Yangon City
Author    Mr. Yay Chann
Degree       Master of Arts (Public Policy)
AdvisorAsst. Prof. Dr. Piyapong Boossabong





Urban water provision systems, especially in developing countries, face sustainability challenges, coupled with megatrends including a rapid rate of urbanization, population growth, and climate change. In other words, city governments need to govern the water provision to meet the growing needs of all urban dwellers while ensuring it to be sustainable. This study explores the sustainability of urban water service provision in Yangon City, using the lens of sustainability framework. The analysis reveals that sustainable dimensions are overlooked in water related policy planning and implementation in Yangon city, and there is a need for governance for the city, which can improve the sustainability of water provision. This research provides policy options to fill the need: how to improve the sustainability of the provision.


Keywords: Water provision, Water sustainability, Water governance, Sustainable development, Policy analysis


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