Welcome to the Thailand Public Policy Network (TPPN)! We are the platform for policy scholars, researchers and practitioners with different backgrounds to share and learn about public policy in Thailand in various dimensions. Our network connects to the networks from other countries, the Asian-Pacific Public Policy Network (AP-PPN), Critical Policy Studies Network (CPSN) and the International Public Policy Association (IPPA), so we are not alone in the journey.

So far we have initiated a lot of constructive events. We hosted the 1st Asia-Pacific Public Policy Network Conference in mid-2017. We initiated the 1st symposium on “Policy analysis in Thailand” in late-2019. We organized the 1st “Winter School on Public Policy” in the country in early-2020. We continued our conversation through the 2nd symposium on “Policy analysis in Thailand” in the same period. Also, we expanded the network by engaging new policy scholars in the seminar on “Policy studies in different perspectives” in early-2021.

Some thoughtful outputs of our network can be downloaded here:

Policy studies in different perspectives (e-book)

Inclusive policy design (e-book)