Chiang Mai University School of Public Policy (CMU-SPP) invites policy scholars, Master and PhD students, researchers, and academics to attend our Policy Seminar Series.

Topic: Mae Cham Cultivation
Speaker: Dr. Samarthia Thankappan, University of York
Date: 18 Sept 2019
Time: 12:15-13:30
Venue: B307, Northern Science Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Using the case of Mae Cham, the upcoming talk will shed light on the maize cultivation system, which has strong links to the haze problem in the North of Thailand.

Focusing on a case study of animal feed maize cultivation in Mae Chaem district in Northern Thailand, the talk will explore the ways in which marginalised farmers are incorporated as both producers and consumers in global food systems that are the creations of powerful agribusiness working with states. The talk will draw on the actor perspectives which provides important insight into the internal dynamics of multi-scale, complex socio-ecological systems and the ways in which such systems shape social action, though themselves continually being navigated and reshaped.