Women Leading Our Connected World (WOW) Season 2:
Ordinary Women and Covid-19 Impacts
Project outcome
3. Policy Brief: Hope and Fear Thailand: Online Survey on Public Emotion during the COVID-19 pandemic
Authors : Lakchayaporn Thansiri, Warathida Chaiyapa, Wannapa Leerasiri


This study argues that COVID-19 pandemic, though has profound impacts on everybody’s lives, has more severe effects on Thai people whether in the domestic or public spheres. Even though the COVID-19 outbreak is a primary health problem, it has much greater effects on everybody lives from health to economic, from domestic affairs to political concerns. How government handles the outbreak has significant impact on people’s way of lives and their feeling toward the issue and the government. We argue that pandemic mitigation policies such as a lockdown order, school closure, social distancing measures, health restrictions, etc.  have greater negative impacts on mental well-beings of Thai people. The study collected 1,003 individual survey using online platform to collect data from Thai population nationwide. The survey investigates effects of Thai government’s pandemic mitigation policies on physical and mental well-beings of Thai citizens and their examines coping strategies. The result reveals pre-existing sources of vulnerabilities in the society which exacerbates their situation once the pandemic takes place. The study aims to provide policy recommendation to responsible government authorities to reduce risks and lessen burdens to Thai citizen. (Full Text)