CMU-SPP focuses on innovation in three areas 1) Policy innovation; 2) Urban innovation; and 3) Social innovation. Our main partner is the National Innovation Agency (NIA) of Thailand. We have conducted thorough analysis of the Global Innovation Index (GII) and provided policy recommendations to the Thai government. To support the Thai government’s focus on area-development, we designed the Innovation Index for Inclusive, Sustainable, and Connected City (ISC). The index is one of its kind that pays special attention to inclusiveness with respect to city innovation projects. We are doing training to build capacity for local city managers to understand and implement inclusive innovations. In addition, we are designing regional level innovation plans for Thailand. Last but not least, we are collaborating with Thailand Science Research and Innovation (TSRI) agency to study new frameworks to drive science, research, and innovation for Thailand. We strongly believe that, utilized in the right direction, all innovation projects can and should lead to lessen inequalities, empower stakeholders, and foster more resilient communities.